BMVA Technical Meeting – Vision for human-computer interaction and virtual reality systems

British Machine Vision Association and Society for Pattern Recognition (BMVA)

Vision for human-computer interaction and virtual reality systems

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Weds 6th May 2015, at the British Computer Society, 5 Southampton Street, London,

Chairs: Dr. Manuela Chessa and Dr. Fabio Solari

Keynotes: Dr. Tae-Kyun Kim (Imperial College London) and Guido Maiello (University College London)

Final Program

Call for Papers

The gap between computer vision and computer graphics is the main cause of perceptual problem in existing virtual/augmented/mixed reality techniques. Computer vision is fundamental in order to implement effective systems that allow a natural interaction of the users in virtual reality environments. Allowing people to act without experiencing the misperception issues such as the wrong perception of objects’ shape, distances, depth, or visual stress and fatigue.
The aim of this meeting is to bring together researchers and practitioners, from both industry and academia, in all aspects of vision, that can be effectively used in virtual/augmented/mixed reality.
We are seeking papers that address the challenges of vision in virtual/augmented/mixed reality systems for human-computer interfaces including, but not limited to:

  • Depth perception (from stereo and/or other cues) in virtual reality environments
  • Stereoscopic rendering in virtual reality environments
  •  Rendering in augmented/mixed reality environments
  •  Misperception issues and undesired effects in 3D displays
  •  Ecological validity of augmented/mixed reality systems
  •  Human-machine interaction in virtual/augmented/mixed reality environments
  •  Natural human-machine interfaces based on augmented/mixed reality
  •  Hand/ face/body recognition and tracking for human-machine interfaces
  •  Action and activity recognition & Eye-tracking for human-machine interfaces

Call for Participation

All those interested in presenting material at this meeting are invited to submit a summary of their talk by email to Manuela Chessa ( by 13th March 2015.


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£10 for BMVA Members, £30 for Non Members, including lunch