Vision for human-computer interaction and virtual reality systems – Final program

One Day BMVA symposium in London, UK on Wednesday 6th May 2015

Chairs: Manuela Chessa & Fabio Solari

Keynote speakers:

Dr. Tae-Kyun Kim (Imperial College London) and Guido Maiello (University College London)

The gap between computer vision and computer graphics is the main cause of perceptual problem in existing virtual/augmented/mixed reality techniques. Computer vision is fundamental in order to implement effective systems that allow a natural interaction of the users in virtual reality environments. Allowing people to act without experiencing the misperception issues such as the wrong perception of objects’ shape, distances, depth, or visual stress and fatigue.

9.30 Registration + Coffee

10.00 Welcome and Introduction of the meeting (Manuela Chessa, University of Genoa, Italy)

10.15 KEYNOTE SPEAKER I Depth Perception and Binocular Vision in Naturalistic Virtual Reality (Guido Maiello, University College London, UK)

11.00 Presenting natural focus cues in virtual/augmented reality (Simon Watt, Bangor University, UK )

11.30 Performance, Experience and Appearance: 3 dimensions of quality in 3D environments (Hibbard, PB Hornsey RL & Scarfe P, O’Hare, Zhang, T. & Nefs, H.T., University of Essex, UK)

12.00 Lunch

13.00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER II Articulated Hand Pose Estimation by Decision Forests (Tae-Kyun Kim, Imperial College London, UK)

13.45 A Novel Method for Real-Time Multiple Human Action Recognition (Victoria Bloom, Kingston University, UK)

14.15 Hand Pose and Orientation Estimation for Ego-centric Devices (Muhammad Asad, Greg Slabaugh, City University London, UK)

14.45 Understanding human motion and its qualities (Francesca Odone (1), Antonio Camurri (1), Nicoletta Noceti (1), Damiano Malafronte (1), Francesco Rea (2), Giulio Sandini (2), Alessandra Sciutti (2), Alessia Vignolo (1,2),  (1) University of Genoa, Italy, (2) RBCS – Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Genova)

15.05 Coffee break

15.20 Self-Organizing neural integration of pose-motion features for human action recognition (German I. Parisi, University of Hamburg, Germany)

16.00 Good practices of hand gestures recognition for the design of customized NUI (Nicoletta Noceti, Damiano Malafronte and Francesca Odone, University of Genoa, Italy)

16.20 You-Do, I-Learn: Unsupervised Multi-User Egocentric Approach Towards Video-Based Guidance (Dima Damen, Teesid Leelasawassuk, Walterio Mayol, University of Bristol, UK)

16.50 Plenary discussion and demos (all)

17.00 End of Meeting